ISTON A.Ş. General Manager

He was born in Bayburt in 1973. Having completed his primary and secondary school education in Bayburt, he graduated from İmam Hatip High School [Religious Vocational High School], he furthered his education at the Faculty of Political Sciences Department of Public Administration at Istanbul University and graduated in 1966. Demir worked as an educator in his field of expertise for a while and held office as an auditing expert at the Department of Affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 1997-1998, and worked as an expert at ISTON in 1998-2000. In 2000-2002, he worked as a Collections and Finance Supervisor at ISTON. Having a successful progress chart in his profession, he worked as a Sales and Marketing Manager at ISTON in 2002-2004 and then as a Coordinator at the Department of Affiliates for a while until 2004.

Deniz Demir worked as a General Manager Consultant at ISTON until 2011 and assumed a position as a Deputy General Manager of Financial Affairs since 2011. Promoted to hold office as ISTON General Manager on 25.11.2014, Demir has a number of technical and governance training programmes also including Executive MBA Development Programme.

Fluent in English and Arabic, Deniz Demir is married with three children.