For its groundbreaking ISTON RPC manhole covers, ISTON was awarded with “Golden Plummet”, the first and only award granted in the field of building materials in Turkey by the Building Information Center (YEM) since 1991. At the award-giving ceremony, Kadir Serdar Taflan, General Manager of ISTON received the award from Doğan Hasol, Chairman of YEM Board of Directors, and announced that they were honoured to have made contribution to the building industry, adding that they would carry on with upcoming projects and research works.

With its advanced mechanics, ultra high resistance and highly flexible and composite structure, ISTON RPC will put an end to the rule of iron and steel in building industry. ISTON RPC manhole covers will also help to prevent economic loss due to stolen manhole covers.

With its high resisting performance, ISTON RPC offers an alternative use area for repairing and strengthening earthquake-stricken structures, as a shield on the façade to military and strategic structures, for storing nuclear and medical wastes, and variety of metalware likely to be stolen and getting corroded.

Committed to solve an unresolved problem and to eliminate repeated problems with most reasonable solutions, ISTON RPC was awarded with a Golden Plummet for the importance of economic output of the problem being solved and the use of domestic resources for entirety of the R&D process.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, ISTON, a corporation by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, engages in manufacturing urban infrastructure and superstructure elements.


In addition to street furniture, ISTON has now taken firm steps to become a highly preferred brand for industrial products in Turkey.

Amongst ISTON industrial products are multi-purpose offices, taxi-stops, bus stations, security cabinets, WC units, prefabricated structures and kiosks. To make living spaces more ergonomic, liveable and aesthetics, industrial products that are designed and produced at ISTON since 2004 are now in use at many places throughout the country from Karabük to Alanya, Erzurum to Aksaray, İzmir to Rize. After communication centers and taxi stops, security cabinets are the second most industrial products that draw attention and they are in use in Ankara as of last week. Protection officers that enable security for 22 ministerial residences in the capital are now on duty at ISTON security cabinets. Equipped with an air conditioner and WC unit, the cabinets were designed to respond to convenience needs and wants of the protection officers. Expressing that ISTON has already introduced revolutionary innovations to the industrial products, ISTON General Manager Kadir Serdar Taflan highlighted that innovation works continued with due diligence to increase the product mix.


Producing contemporaneous infrastructure and superstructure works for contemporaneous cities, ISTON launches an extensive training project to raise qualified personnel for urban construction site works throughout the city.

In addition to producing aesthetic and resistant infrastructure and superstructure products for contemporaneous cities, ISTON acts with social awareness and supports cultural and training activities that will ultimately contribute to urban construction site works. The training project will be actualised in coordination with the Ministry of National Education İSOV Construction Vocational High School, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality ISTON A.Ş., and it aims at providing training to workers in the field of cobble stones and kerbs. First session of the year-round training starts on March 7, 2005. 60 hours of theoretical and practical information will be provided for 2 weeks and the participants will be given a certificate at the end of the training.


Presidential election was completed for 34th Professional Committee where industrial groups operating in the field of ready-mixed concrete and products intended for concrete works were members. 106 industrial enterprises that are operating in Istanbul were present at the elections, ISTON A.Ş. was elected as the committee chairman at the first round of elections while ISTON General Manager and Civil Engineer M. Sc. Kadir Serdar Taflan was authorised to hold office as the real person chairman.

Speaking about the goals and targets, Kadir Serdar Taflan uttered as follows: “ISTON is a leading entity that is active in building sector with a wide range of products. As one of the largest industrial enterprises in Turkey, our company has an significant funds of knowledge, know-how and human resources. We genuinely intend to use our professional governance functions and values to improve the building sector. Indisputably, the building sector is crucial is crucial in our country as in the case with the rest of the world. What we want to do is to discuss sector-related troubles for coming up with solutions. We intend to attract participation from the interested parties both within the framework of statutory regulations and architecture and engineering disciplines, hence to establish a platform of shared wisdom. In this sense, full compliance with the European Union legislation is an absolute target. In addition to this, we want to improve collaboration between universities and the industry for new and innovative technological advancements and to particularly export know-how. To increase industry-wise usage rate of national sources is one of the results that we intend to achieve through collaboration. As a result we are going to take steps to develop new projects for a better building sector and to ensure industrial improvement as long as we are responsible for what we do.”

Kadir Serdar Taflan will hold office as the committee chairman until 2012 in addition to his position as a general manager . ISTON manufactures for more than 500 ranges of products intended for infrastructure and superstructure works. It is an organisation that has ISO 9001 quality management system certificate, quality assurance system certificate, OHSAS 18001, 14000 environmental management in addition to international accreditation systems at the laboratories.


Having obtained a CE certificate for concrete /reinforced concrete infrastructure products, cobble stone and kerb manufacturing works, ISTON is the only corporation in the Turkish building sector that has been accredited with a certificate in the field. Exporting products to many countries including the European union member states, ISTON is now capable of offering its products and designs to a larger market network.

Having internationally accredited laboratories ISTON has taken another important step to became a corporation operating in world standards. Listed as one of the top 300 corporations in Turkey, ISTON manufactures quality and aesthetic products to furnish cities throughout Anatolia.

Expressing his opinions on the matter, ISTON General Director Kadir Serdar Taflan said as follows: “We strongly believe that every single for urban development is a crucial step for the progress of mankind. For this reason innovation is particularly important for us and we continue to b-introduce innovations though R&D and design works. With this CE certificate that cherishes and celebrates the European Union production standard, we want that ISTON, as an organisation of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, exists in the world cities with its works. This certificate is a very special reference. There is no doubt that we will be committed to proceed earnestly and solemnly.”.