R&D & Quality

R&D Department and Laboratory

The R&D department carries out project-based studies in any field of the company activities. Apart from these, the R&D department also national and international projects financed by domestic and foreign R&D funds.

The department further contributes to industrial scientific organizations with reports and publications. Similarly, the department initiates patent, utility model and industrial design registration processes in consequence of R&D studies. In this sense, 13 patent applications have been made until today.

The company also enters into strategic collaborations with universities and research institutes and, in this regard, supports master’s and postgraduate degrees in R&D labs. The Company has supported 17 master’s degree and 10 postgraduate degree researches.

In collaboration with the Quality Control Laboratory which offers test opportunity from raw material to finished products, ISTON R&D Laboratories incorporates departments founded only for R&D activities.

In-house R&D Projects

In-houses R&D projects include new product designs, enhancement studies for all productions, cost works, new raw material and auxiliary material attempts. The Company has initiated 143 projects with in-house resources up to day as part of the R&D department. These projects relate to the main activities of the Company or to developing industrial subjects such as special concretes, concrete-reinforced concrete pipes, ready mixed concrete, paving stone-curb, reactive powder concrete, prefabricated products and urban furniture.


National and International R&D Projects

These are projects which are created with the finance provided by national/international project funds, cover the fields of production of the Company and the subjects to which the Company is a potential partner, and conducted in collaboration with the partners in Turkey and abroad. The Company applies to national and international R&D support funds since 2004, and 26 project applications have been accepted until today. Among these, 8 projects have been completed. Until now, TRY 1,802,000 grant has been received from the support funds. Completed and on-going projects include:

(AB-EUREKA) The Economic and Ecological Evaluation of Industrial Wastes for Environmental Planning Purposes (2004)
(TUBİTAK 1007) The Development of Cement-Based Eco-Ductile Composites for Urban Infrastructure Sustainability (2008)
(LDV) The Project for the Development of Paving Stone and Curb Application Training in Turkey (2010)
(AB-EUREKA) From Industrial Wastes to Commercial Products (2010)
(AB-7. CERCEVE) The Project for the Development of Sustainable, Innovative and Energy Efficient Concrete from Wastes (2012)
(AB-EUREKA) The Development of Cement-Based Composite Products Subject to Severe Environmental Impacts and Live Load (2012)
(AB-EUREKA) The Development of Innovative and Sensible Prefabricated Elements for Various Applications (2013)
(Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization) The Determination of the Criteria of Use of the Products Recycled from Construction and Demolishing Wastes (2013)
(TUBİTAK 1501) The Development of National Heavy Duty Concrete Barrier for Highway Security (2019)


The Company has submitted/published 37 articles and reports in national and international congresses and peer-reviewed journals.


Building Information Centre 2006 Golden Plummet Award (Reactive Powder Concrete)
Turkish Prefabrication Association 2010-2012 Golden Beam Award (UV Covered Paving Stone)
İSO 14. Environment and Energy Awards, Environment Friendly Product Finalist (UV Covered Paving Stone)
Turkish Prefabrication Association 2012-2014 Golden Beam Award (Use of Recycled Aggregate in Concrete)
Turkish Prefabrication Association 2014-2016 Golden Beam Award (Ballistic Security Buildings)
Turkish Prefabrication Association 2016-2018 Golden Beam Award (Concrete Production with 3D Printers)


Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning
Istanbul Chamber of Commerce
TUBITAK Centre of Marmara Researches
Istanbul Technical University
Yildiz Technical University
Bogazici University
Sabanci University
MEF University
Ozyegin University
Kocaeli University
Eskisehir Technical University
Eskisehir Osmangazi University
Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association
Turkish Prefabrication Association
Additive Producers Association
Aggregate Producers Association
Turkish Standards Institute
Chamber of Civil Engineers

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