ISTON R&D laboratories cooperated with the Quality control laboratories that enable testing facilities in each stage of production from raw materials to finished products. Then again they host divisions dedicated to R&D activities only.

Preliminary design and prototype works for R&D projects that were developed on an in-house basis and with national/international partners are conducted at R&D laboratories. In addition, laboratories of the Istanbul Technical University, an academic partner of ISTON for national and international R&D projects, can also be used for the purpose.


New product design works, improvement woks covering all product spaces, costing, new raw material and auxiliary product trials etc.

These are the projects prepared by using national/international project funds, and that are conducted with native and foreign partners in our company’s production line(s) and potential areas for any prospective projects. Some of the projects conducted are as follows:

TÜBİTAK KAMAG 105G097 Development of Cement-Based Eco-Ductile Composites for Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Systems
Eureka E12936 – TEYDEB 3040308 Economical and Ecological Recycling of Industrial Waste Material for Environmental Planning
Eureka E! 3824 – TEYDEB 9090031 Making Commercial Products from Industrial Wastes
Leonardo Da Vinci Project “Development of Cobble Stone and Kerb Production Training in Turkey”
7th Framework Programme Project  “Sustainable, Innovative and Energy Efficient Concrete Development from SUS-CON Waste Materials”


  • Wearing resistance of concrete paving blocks used in street furniture
  • Effect of aggregate concentration on wearing resistance of concrete
  • New approaches to improved wearing resistance on horizontal concrete surfaces
  • Concrete quality inspection at ISTON
  • Concrete design by performance: Class of performance
  • High performance concrete and reinforced concrete pipes
  • Manufacturing special prefabricated component s with ultra high performance concrete
  • Effect of aggregate ratio on mechanical behaviours of hybrid fibre, self-compacting concrete
  • Design, mechanical behaviour and application areas for high performance cement-based composite
  • Study of fibre distribution in case of hybrid fibre self- compacting concrete
  • Durability and endurance of concrete pipes
  • New improvements in concrete designs by performance
  • Mechanical Behaviour of high performance steel Fibre reinforced cementitious composites under cyclic loading condition
  • Curing effects on fracture of high performance cement-based composites with hybrid steel fibres
  • Concrete construction industry – cement-based materials and civil infrastructure – (CBM-CI)
  • Mechanical behaviour of hybrid steel fibre reinforced self compacting concrete
  • Design and production of cement-based ultra high durable composite
  • Multi-purpose cabinets, composite products in city planning and Kompozist raw materials exhibition
  • Utilization of red mud as a pigment in concrete production
  • Utilization of red mud as a pigment in the production of paving stone and curb stone
  • Mechanical Behaviour of steel fibre-reinforced and ultra high performance concrete


    • Istanbul Chamber of Industry
    • TÜBİTAK [Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey] Marmara Researches Center
    • Istanbul Technical University
    • Yıldız Technical University
    • Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Turkey
    • Prefabrication Association of Turkey
    • Turkish Standards Institute
    • Chamber of Civil Engineers
    • Belgrad University – Serbia
    • IKT (Institute for Underground Infrastructure) – Germany