The fact that 3D printer technology allows the production of difficult and curved concrete elements enables the production of buildings/building elements without architecturally wide design ideas and thought boundaries. In addition, it is foreseen that the construction of low-rise buildings will be constructed at a lower cost and higher performance than traditional buildings with 3D printer technology. With this new technology, noise pollution is also reduced as there is no need for vibration in concrete placement.

The development of a three-dimensional concrete printer and the production of innovative products and buildings with this printer were developed and brought to the sector by ISTON for the first time in the construction sector in Turkey. The 3D printer, the complementary elements of the printer (mixer, pump, delivery hose, nozzle, etc.) and the concrete design for this printer have been developed by ISTON with completely domestic resources.

At the "GOLDEN PLUMB International Building Catalog Awards", which was held for the 26th time at the end of 2020, under the umbrella of BUILDING CATALOG, we were deemed worthy of the SILVER PLUMB AWARD in the category of INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS IN BUILDING with the city furniture we produced with 3D concrete printer technology.