Istanbul is one of the most significant metropolitan cities of the world with the geographical, historical and cultural riches. We work night and day with 30 affiliates in order to condignly serve this unequalled city and its residents.

We endeavour to improve the historical significance of Istanbul and to enhance the quality of life, peace and happiness of the Istanbulites.


We make plans and develop projects in conformance with the common sense in any field of life from urban development to transportation, infrastructure, environment, health, education, sports, culture and arts.

Thanks to the services rendered by the affiliates, we improve the urban economy, create employment opportunities and redraw the future of Istanbul with an effective, efficient and modern approach. Together with the affiliates that operate according to the principles of merit, loyalty to duty, diligence towards the city and respect to humans, we persistently continue to render services in order to facilitate and glamorize the life in Istanbul.

We employ experience and technology with ISTON A.S. and offer quality products and services with unique infrastructure and superstructure designs and applications. We perform our duties with the target of acting as a powerful brand in the international arena as regards to urban architecture.

In accordance with the purpose of rendering Istanbul the most liveable city of the world and making people happy, we will continue to realize our services and investments. In this sense, our biggest strength and motivation will be your love, support and fellowship.

With Love and Respect
Ekrem IMAMOGLU | Mayor of Istanbul