As certificated by Turkish Standards Institution (TSE), the Company

implements a Quality Management System covering all the stages from design to production, marketing and after-sales services, an Environmental Management System showing the respect towards the environment, and an Occupational Health and Safety Management System so as to minimize the risks to health and safety which may arise from working environments, procedures, processes and produced materials. All the foregoing systems also aim to ensure continuous development.

“The laboratories offer services as accredited by TURKAK”

The products produced at our plants are certificated by the product certification directorate of Turkish Standards Institution (TSE).

ISTON A.S. took the first step towards quality with the procedures to establish ISO 9001 Quality Management System initiated in 2001.

– ISO 9001 Quality Management System View

– ISO 14001 Environmental Management System View

– ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Security Management System View

– ISO 27001 Information Security Management System View

– ISO 17025 Certificate of Accreditation View

– Certificate of Acknowledgment for Lab Services View

– Certificate of Compliance of Ready Mixed Concrete View

– Gold Certificate by the International Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) View

– Silver Certificate by the International Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC) View

Management System Policies

In accordance with the ISTON mission to employ experience and technology in order to offer unique design and applications and quality products and services for infrastructure and superstructure, the Company has defined a policy to;

– Maintain operations in compliance with legal requirements with an approach to review and improve the operations according to the Management Systems,

– Guarantee continued shareholder satisfaction by tailgating technological developments and ensuring teamwork among all the employees with periodical trainings, and conduct R&D operations in a way to meet expectations and demands,

– Control the possible consequences on environment, prevent or minimize the wastage of natural resources, and contribute to national economy by ensuring recycling,

– Predetermine and eliminate the Occupational Health and Safety risks to the employees and shareholders by making a thorough assessment.

Information Security Management System Policy

In accordance with the Information Security Management System, ISTON undertakes to;

– Ensure secure access to the information of the Company and its shareholders,

– Protect the accessibility, integrity and confidentiality of information,

– Assess and manage the risks which may pose threat to the information of the Company and its shareholders,

– Protect the reliability and brand image of the Company,

– Enforce necessary sanctions in case of information security breach,

– Meet the information security requirements which arise from national, international or industrial regulations, relevant regulations and standards, and contractual liabilities,

– Minimize the effect of information security threats on business/service continuity and ensure the continuity and sustainability of the business,

– Protect and enhance information security level with the established control infrastructure,

– Offer trainings to improve qualities so that information security awareness may be raised.

Sustainability Policy

In collaboration with the sectoral shareholders, ISTON offers services as part of sustainable production by ensuring employee and customer satisfaction. The Company also;

– Closely follows the technological developments and ensures the satisfaction of all the employees and stakeholders with continuous training,

– Establishes social and balanced relations in harmony with local communities and preserve and maintain these relations,

– Protects and continuously improves the strong position in the industry with production in compliance with national and international standards relating to the society and environment and with a transparent approach as part of sustainable production,

– Maintains operations in line with legal regulations by continuous reviews and improvements under the Management Systems,

– Shows regard to social and environmental criteria as well as proficiency, professionalism and solution-centred approach while creating the supply chain, and

– Controls the possible effects on the environment and prevents or minimizes the waste of natural resources

as part of the sustainability policy.