This Cookie Policy applies to all the websites published by or on behalf of the Subsidiaries of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IBB), branded websites on third party platforms (such as Google and Facebook) and other applications accessed or used through these websites or third party softwares.

By navigating to the websites of IBB Subsidiaries, you accept the use of cookies in compliance with this Cookie Policy. If you do not wish cookies to be used in any way, you should go to your settings or not use the websites of IBB Subsidiaries. If you delete cookies with browser settings, your preferences on the websites will be removed. Furthermore, the websites of IBB Subsidiaries and many other websites may not work properly in case you completely block cookies.

This Policy is implemented regardless of the technology or method you use to gain access.

What is a Cookie and Why We Use It?

Cookie is a file placed by the websites you visit to your computer. Cookies ensure that a web user has a more efficient experience of navigation. They offer customized websites so as to offer a faster experience adjusted to your personal needs. Cookies store the information regarding your navigation on a website. Thanks to the information stored by these files, the devices you use for navigation on a website will remember your data for further visits. Therefore, cookies are necessary and significant files which enable easier and more efficient use of websites. Besides, these cookies are used so as to provide more favourable services, products and offers for you through these or third party websites.

These technologies may be various data collection tools which automatically collect access and navigation data with each visit through the websites or other relevant tools which are used by third parties on behalf of us during data collection. These technologies are employed in order to improve the website and render it more useful, efficient and secure. These technologies include cookies, flash cookies and analytical cookies.

Basic Purposes of Cookie Use

To optimize the offered services in order to enhance the functionality and performance of the website,

• To optimize the website, offer new features on the website and customize offered features according to your preferences;

• To acquire certain statistical data so as to ensure more efficient use of the website,

• To collect data about the browsing and use preferences and habits relating to the website,

• To identify certain personal data such as your IP address so that we may be able to perform legal and contractual liabilities such as prescribed by, in particular, the Law no. 5651 on the Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committed by means of Such and the Code on the Principles and Procedures for the Regulation of the Publications on the Internet.

What Personal Data We Process with Cookies?

We use cookies for the following purposes:

• To facilitate the use of the websites of IBB Subsidiaries and to customize the websites and products of IBB Subsidiaries according to your interests and needs;

• To remember your navigation and use preferences you have made during your visit to the websites of IBB Subsidiaries,

• To ensure the proper running of the various features and functionalities of the websites of IBB Subsidiaries,

• To collect non-personal information (such as the most clicked links, most visited websites and the number of the viewed error messages) regarding the use of the websites of IBB Subsidiaries by visitors, and, by processing such information, to render page errors functional, optimize the website and remove or improve non-preferred pages,

• To determine your identity, make profiles special to you or track your activities on websites other than the foregoing website with the data collected through cookies.

We use the cookies placed on your computer or the information acquire with these cookies in order to do statistical analyses and take security measures. Your personal data are not collected through cookies.

Cookie Categories

Cookies can be classified as follows:

Cookie Type Explanation
Session Cookies These cookies are used to divide user visit into sessions and do not collect data from the user. These cookies are deleted when they remain inactive for a certain period of time after the website is closed by the user.
Persistent Cookies These cookies are stored in your browser and stay active until you delete them from your computer or until the date of expiration.
Necessary Cookies These cookies are necessary for the proper operation of the Website. These cookies are needed to ensure system administration and prevent hoax transaction. If you block these cookies, the Website will not function properly.
Functional and Analytical Cookies These cookies incorporate data about the use of the Website. These cookies are used, for example, to remember your preferences, ensure efficient use of the website and optimize the website according your needs. Due to their nature, these cookies may contain your personal data. For example, a cookie which saves your language preference is a functional cookie. These are cookies that help to create analytical results such as the visitor number of the website, the viewed pages of the website, website visiting hours and website scrolls.
Tracking Cookies Tracking cookies are first and third party cookies which are created during your visit to the website or to third party domain names. These cookies enable tracking for the clicks on and visits to the domain names they are created for and make it possible to match these records among varying domain names. These cookies are used for user recognition and profile development, advertisement and marketing activity targets, and content customization. These cookies are not used for determining your identity or taking decisions about you.

How to Control Cookies?

You can control or delete cookies as you wish. You can delete the cookies on your computer and prevent cookies on many web browsers. However, we should remind that you may not be able to access to some features if you delete cookies or prevent further cookies. Many web browsers allow you to do the following:

• View placed cookies and delete as you wish.

• Prevent third party cookies.

• Prevent cookies from certain websites.

• Prevent all cookies.

• Delete all cookies when you close a web browser.

Below you can find information about what to do to prevent the use of cookies on various web browsers:

Internet Explorer

1.Masaüstünü açın ve görev çubuğunda Internet Explorer simgesine dokunun veya tıklayın.

2.Araçlar düğmesine ve İnternet seçenekleri‘ne dokunun veya tıklayın.

3.Gizlilik sekmesine dokunun veya tıklayın, ardından tüm tanımlama bilgilerini engellemek için Ayarlar‘ın altında bulunan kaydırıcıyı yukarıya hareket ettirin ve Tamam düğmesine dokunun veya tıklayın.

Internet Explorer

1.On desktop, touch or click on Internet Explorer.

2.Touch or click on Tools and then Internet Options.

3.Touch or click on Privacy tab and drag the slider under Settings to the top in order to prevent all cookies. Finally, touch or click on OK.

Google Chrome

1.Start Chrome on your computer.

2.Click on Settings from the right top corner.

3.Below, click on Advanced.

4.Click on “Content settings” under “Privacy and security”.

5.Click on Cookies.

6.Under “All cookies and site data”, search for the website.

7.Click on “Remove” next to the website.

Mozilla Firefox

1.Click on Firefox Menu and navigate to Options.

2.Select Privacy and Security and go to History.

3.Change “Firefox will:” section to “Use custom settings for history”.

4.Click on “Show cookies… . A cookie window will appear.

5.On the “Search:” bar, write the name of the website for which you want to delete cookies. The cookies matching your search will appear on the screen.