Clarification Text for the Law no. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data

Iston Istanbul Beton Elemanlari ve Hazir Beton Fabrikalari San. Ve Tic. AS (“Iston AS”) takes any and all technical and legal measures in accordance with the Law no. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“the Law no. 6698”) as regards to the personal data processed due to the Company’s activities. Detailed information on personal data processing and transfer, legal grounds for personal data collection and the rights under the Law no. 6698 can be found in the following clarification text.

A. Personal Data Processing Purposes

Your personal data may be processed by the data controller or other real/legal persons assigned by the former so as to:

  1. Perform the services under the duties and responsibilities of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (“IBB”) as per the Law no. 5216 on Metropolitan Municipalities and relevant regulation,

  2. the requests of judicial, municipal and other relevant public authorities,

  3. Maintain communication, collaboration and coordination between the Company and IBB, perform joint projects, determine the needs of customers and employees, perform the contractual liabilities, ensure occupational health and safety and business continuity, form a joint database, facilitate the operation of such joint database, ensure easy communication and marketing, and ensure brand and reputation management,

  4. Ensure the delivery of the products and services rendered by the Company, IBB or subsidiaries of IBB to consumers, suppliers, business partners and public institutions for the achievement of commercial/public and social purposes,

  5. Offer quality service to the residents and visitors of Istanbul and ensure the efficient and quick delivery of public services to them,

  6. Perform the liabilities under relevant laws and other contractual liabilities,

  7. Ensure the performance of necessary quality and standard inspections and perform the relevant liabilities defined by laws and regulations,

  8. Improve, develop and diversify services and offer alternatives to collaborated real and legal persons,

  9. Take necessary measures for occupational health and safety, schedule and carry out training procedures and have early intervention in health related issues as part of our liabilities under the regulation,

  10. Perform our after-sales/service liabilities,

  11. Perform the executed contracts in full and check the full performance of the parties of such contracts,

  12. Ensure the legal security of the real/legal persons who have a commercial relationship with the Company,

  13. Conduct purchasing activities and corporate correspondence,

  14. Determine and implement commercial business strategies,

  15. Execute and monitor financial reporting and risk management processes, create and follow visitor records, and develop and improve public relations and marketing policies,

  16. Prepare diverse reports, researches and presentations, plan emergency management processes, and monitor finance and accounting procedures,

  17. Ensure in-house security,

  18. Promote and announce and inform the public about the Company, meetings, seminars, social organizations, award ceremonies, corporate meetings and the Company events with photos and videos,

  19. Inform data owners or make notifications as regards to the changes in regulations and adopted policies,

  20. Improve the motivation, level of performance, satisfaction and interaction of the employees among each other and with the Company, and ensure loyalty to the Company,

  21. Ensure internet access by the visitors of our facilities and plants,

  22. Ensure the security of the employees, visitors and Company with CCTV and other security measures, and control entries and exits,

  23. Determine communication and its content using audio and call records in case of contact with the call centres and the Company,

  24. Evaluate the competence and job continuity of our employees and employee candidates,

  25. Ensure the efficient and effective use of the tools and equipment allocated to the employees,

  26. Plan and implement services and various logistics activities,

  27. Implement disciplinary processes in case of incidents at the workplace,

  28. Perform the liability of former convicted or disabled employment,

  29. Monitor incoming and outgoing cargoes, mails and instruments, and deliver them to relevant persons,

  30. Conduct activities for customer satisfaction,

  31. Create statistical data for website visits, record visitor data and ensure feedbacks,

  32. Ensure more efficient personnel activities through SAP, PDKS and other platforms.

B. Personal Data Transfer

According to the conditions prescribed by the Law no. 6698, processed personal data may be transferred to:

  1. The business partners or IBB and subsidiaries of IBB in order to perform public services/commercial activities and ensure continuity and coordination,

  2. The suppliers, business partners or IBB and subsidiaries of IBB in a limited way in order to offer products and services,

  3. IBB, Supreme Court of Public Accounts, Public Procurement Authority and other authorized public institutions and organizations in order to ensure the audit of our public operations as per relevant legal provisions; integrator companies, independent auditor companies and financial advisor/accounting companies in order to perform contractual liabilities,

  4. Authorized public institutions and organizations and judicial bodies as limited to their requests,

  5. IBB and its subsidiaries, suppliers and solution partners in order to create a joint database and ensure its operation and facilitate communication,

  6. The suppliers in order to issue and implement strategies for the public services and commercial activities,

  7. The collaborated real/legal persons and public institutions and organizations in order to perform the Company’s activities and render public services,

  8. National and/or international public and private legal persons in order to improve Company recognition and brand value, develop the internet infrastructure and ensure its currency,

  9. IBB and its subsidiaries and outsourcing companies in order to organize activities, conferences, celebrations and similar other social events,

  10. Occupation health and safety companies, hospitals and health institutions in order to perform emergency medical intervention and occupational health and safety liabilities,

  11. Third parties and persons who require reference based on a valid legal ground,

  12. Touristic companies, hotels and organization companies for accommodation, transportation and touristic purposes,

  13. Relevant service and organization companies in order to ensure the performance of services, gifts, promotions and similar other grants to the employees,

  14. Contracted research and survey companies in order to ensure the performance of research and survey activities for customer satisfaction,

  15. The business partners and suppliers in order to ensure advertisement and promotion processes,

  16. National and international software and technology companies in order to create databases, ensure software operation and carry out software maintenance and repair works as regards to the operating systems and computer softwares such as SAP, CRM, ERP, QDMS, Devriye and IOMA,

  17. The solution partners, suppliers and other companies which offer repair, maintenance and other services,

  18. National and international companies which offer security, technology and cloud services,

  19. Cargo and mail companies and PTT (Turkish Mail Service) in order to monitor incoming and outgoing cargoes, mails and instruments and deliver them to relevant persons,

  20. Advisor companies specialized on finance, trade, management and human resources in order to create marketing

  21. strategies, develop new fields of business, enhance quality standards and minimize costs.

C.The Method and the Legal Grounds for the Collection of Personal Data

According to your express consent or other personal data processing conditions prescribed by the Law no. 6698, your personal data may be collected by the Company or real/legal persons which process personal data on behalf of the Company through written, verbal and digital sources including but not limited to call centres, application forms, Beyaz Masa, website, various contracts, any and all information documents, surveys, job application forms, labour contracts, social media applications, IBB and its subsidiaries, suppliers and business partners.

Such information are collected in order to perform commercial and administrative activities in compliance with laws, carry out public services, maintain commercial continuity and ensure true, complete and accurate performance of legal liabilities.

D.Personal Data Storage and Disposal

The Company stores personal data in order to process them to the extent permitted by the purpose of processing. In case of expiry of the purpose of processing, personal data are stored for a period of time prescribed by the relevant regulation. In case of such expiration, personal data are disposed as soon as the necessary prescription is due so that we may be able to perform our legal liabilities. The personal data subject to the exemption under public services are disposed and anonymized in accordance with relevant legal regulations.

of Relevant Persons

As per article 11 of the Law no. 6698, each and every data owner has the right to:

  1. Learn whether his/her personal data are processed,

  2. Request information about the procedure in case personal data are processed,

  3. Learn the purpose of personal data processing and whether processing is carried out according to such purposes,

  4. Learn the national and international third persons to who personal data are transferred,

  5. Request correction if personal data are incompletely or inaccurately processed and request third party

  6. transferees to be informed about the procedure carried out thereto,

  7. Request the deletion or elimination of personal data even though processed in compliance with the provisions of KVKK and other relevant laws provided that the reasons that require processing are also eliminated, and request transferee third parties to be informed about the procedure carried out such,

  8. Raise and objection in case a condition arises to the detriment of a relevant person due to the analysis of processed data only by automatic systems,

  9. Request indemnification in case data owner incurs damage due to illegal processing of personal data.

Data owners can deliver their requests under the foregoing rights with a notice through notary to the following address or with a written personal application submitting their identities. These requests will be evaluated and resolved free-of-charge as soon as possible and, in any case, within thirty (30) days at the latest. In case the evaluation and resolution processes may produce costs, the applicants will be charged according to the tariff issued by the Board of Protection of Personal Data.

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