The Hadimkoy Plant was Granted with the Gold Certificate by the International Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC). The Tuzla Plant was Granted with the Silver Certificate by the International Concrete Sustainability Council (CSC).

The traditional Gold Plaque awarded every year by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce to the “Most Successful Taxpayers” was granted to Iston in 2008. Acknowledged as one among the biggest service, industrial and financial companies of Turkey, Iston has also been the only company to be awarded with the Gold Plaque among the subsidiaries of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

As a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, ISTON became the only public capital company to be awarded by ISO in the contest organized to distinguish the successful examples that achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

During the 8th Industrial Congress and Innovation Exhibition of ISO held in WOW Congress Centre, Kadir Serkan Taflan, Director General, took the award on behalf of ISTON from Tanil KUCUK, Board Chairman of ISO, and Erdal Bahcivan, the Chairman of ISO Assembly.

Expressing his thoughts on the award, Kadir Serkan Taflan said: “It is very good to see that the innovation concept is a question of debate in the Turkish Industry and that there are policies created to this end. Awards to successful businesses and processes by a significant institution like Istanbul Chamber of Industry will undoubtedly contribute to the expansion of innovative approaches. For years, ISTON has always developed management strategies by bringing innovation on available conditions. It is honourable to be awarded by authorities for our labour. Behind this award, there is the ISTON family who share an ideal of innovation.”

ISTON, one of the top 500 industrial institutions of Turkey, offers production to meet the urban need for infrastructure and superstructure elements. The company also provides contract, project design and lab test services. As a member to Ready Mixed Concrete Association and the Board of Turkish Prefabrication Association, ISTON has internationally accredited laboratories.

The Golden Beam awards were given to 7 persons and institutions in three categories during the inauguration of the 12th Prefabrication Symposium held by Mimar Sinan University and Prefabrication Association in collaboration. Previously awarded with the Golden Plummet by the Building Information Centre, RPC Manhole Cover ranked first in the best production category for 2004/2006 period of the triennial Golden Beam awards.

Having received the award on behalf of ISTON from Koksal Anadol, the Chairman of the Prefabrication Association, the Director General Kadir Serdar Taflan said: “This non-recyclable product which we have manufactured from ultra-high resistant concrete in consequence of intensive attempts offers both technological and social added value to the building industry since it prevents the material and non-material loss of manhole covers.”. Ehat Giray Aslan, R&D Supervisor, was also awarded for his contributions in the project.

ISTON achieved “the Golden Plummet”, the first and only Turkish award for building elements since 1991, with the revolutionary ISTON RPC Manhole Covers. During the event, Kadir Serdar Taflan, the Director General of ISTON, received the award from Dogan Hasol, Board Chairman of the Building Information Centre. Taflan said that they felt proud to have contributed to the building industry and that they would continue to offer solutions with new projects and researches.

ISTON RPC will terminate the reign of iron and steel in the building industry with ultra-high resistant and highly-flexible composite structure and advanced mechanical properties. ISTON RPC manhole covers will also prevent the economic loss due to the theft of iron manhole covers. Highly-resistant ISTON RPC can be used for the repair and reinforcement of buildings damaged by earthquake, armouring the facades of military and strategic buildings, storing nuclear and medical wastes and bringing an economic alternative to various metal products with theft and rust threats.

ISTON RPC was awarded with the Golden Plummet for it set off to identify and solve an issue, eliminated the repetition of the issue with reasonable solutions, ensured economic feedback and used domestic resources throughout the production and R&D processes. ISTON offers urban infrastructure and superstructure elements and celebrates the 20th anniversary of its establishment as a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

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