From General Manager

Dear Guest,

Cities are very large organisms where transformation in life comes to life. For this reason, urban management means the management of the functioning of a system. It is important that all the structures that make up the system and the relationships between these structures are organized to meet the needs of living life in the city. In today's cities, where millions of people live, with the effect of the increasing population, mobility in public open spaces is increasing day by day. For this reason, a holistic approach to urban management has become a necessity.

Today, where digital technology occupies a huge area in urban functioning, the entire system has become integrated with the concept of 'smart cities'. Another important point is to meet the increasing and diversifying needs of the urban population in line with the realities of the new age. While the face of life is digitalizing so quickly and clearly, producing solutions that are compatible with technology and at the same time give the citizens a breath of fresh air is important for the development of civilization.

As İSTON; We have determined our main purpose of activity to meet the infrastructure and superstructure needs of our cities, especially Istanbul, with our quality products and aesthetic designs. In addition to our public responsibility as a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we have a mission to improve the service standard in the construction sector. Because a healthy urban development will produce productive results when all stakeholders serving the city and producing products act more consistently and purposefully within the framework of a common quality understanding. We believe that we are an important balancing factor in this sense.

The most important element that enables us to convey our corporate mission and goals to the city as an output; It is each employee of the ISTON family who puts forward their knowledge and effort. With the contribution of all my colleagues working in our production, design, R&D, application and administrative units, the İBB İSTON brand is present in cities of Türkiye and the world, especially in Istanbul. İSTON people have contributed to a bench where people sit to rest, a pavement where people step, a playground where children cheer, a bus stop where passengers wait, a wastewater network many meters below the surface that is invisible to the naked eye, and many other points.

We know that building a city also means leaving a great work. As part of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's goal of building Istanbul as the city of the future, we will continue on our way with new goals by designing, producing.

Kind regards

Fevzi Alp ATAR

General Manager