İstanbul Beton Elemanları ve Hazır Beton Fabrikaları San. Ve Tic. A.Ş., ISTON for short, was established by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 1986 to in order to come up with quality solutions to infrastructure and superstructure requirements of the city. Providing products services to other cities of the country apart from to Istanbul, ISTON engages in exports and reaches countries of the world, too. ISTON manufactures concrete and reinforced concrete pipe, cobble stone-kerb, ready mixed concrete, industrial prefabricated structural components, urban and industrial structures, street furniture and provides services in contracting business and projects. Listed as one of the top 500 industrial enterprises in Turkey, ISTON offers its services to public bodies and private sector. With its manufacturing technology, product range, high quality standards, ISTON is in a leading position in building sector, too.

Accredited by ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management System certificate, ISTON manufactures all its products in line with TSE quality standards. Manufacturing quality is monitored and supervised constantly at ISTON laboratories are internationally accredited and certified by TÜRKAK, therefore the laboratories are qualified meet test and trial requirements of the building sector and universities. ISTON has established and in place TS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System in addition to TS EN ISO 14000 Environmental Management System and Quality Assurance System at its facilities. When performing its core business activities, ISTON acts responsibly to develop technology.

For this reason, with a strong tam of R&D, design staff and collaborations with academic circles, it plays a proceeding position in leading advancements at the building sector and brings in new technologies for national benefits. Aiming at creating modern living spaces by all means and, ISTON makes great contributions with its products and services to the development of urban total quality process not only in terms of functions but also designs.

As an organisation existing within Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, ISTON fulfils public responsibilities with a human-centered governance and service understanding, and improves its sector-wise competitive edge with a customer oriented, efficient and superior quality approach. Still carrying on to add new urban structure components and elements to already more than 1000 products, ISTON will stick to carry on building aesthetic cities of the future in line with a contemporaneous city culture