Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), has approved the production of İSTON Ready-Mixed Concrete is in compliance with environmental standards on a global scale.

İSTON adopts sustainability as a principle with an environmentally sensitive management approach in all its activities. With the EPD certificate, İSTON's environmental management approach has been approved once again on an international scale. EPD evaluation system; It is a system that evaluates the raw material supply, production conditions and the effects of the product in life in production processes. At the same time, it evaluates and declares the environmental impacts of the activities of construction materials manufacturers by evaluating parameters such as energy use, emissions and waste generation in production processes. EPD aims to contribute to the institutional development of environmental awareness. Thanks to the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) studies which form the basis of EPD certification, detailed examination of the environmental impact arising from the production processes and supply chain for construction products allows new policies to be proposed. The EPD Certificate prepared with the registration number SP-04806 for İSTON C30/37 Ready-Mixed Concrete has been registered and published in EPD Türkiye and International EPD System. The registered EPD Certificate is valid for all global markets.