Dear Everyone,

Cities are where civilizations emerge from. Apart from the space, cities are also home to arts, philosophy, science and history. In a wider sense, the process of construction also refers to culture with a focus on humans. In this regard, each and every production for a city and its residents actually represents a responsibility towards history and humans.

If we consider Istanbul, a city with settlements dating back to 8500 BC, in this respect, it becomes more important to use national resources and be attentive, inclusive and unique. When we handle the relationship between space and humans in sociological terms, it becomes evident that it is necessary to comprehend the effect of urban transformation on individual transformation.

As an affiliate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, ISTON AS was established to manufacture urban equipment elements for infrastructure and superstructures. ISTON AS acknowledges the principle of urban life network to be at the centre of its vision and mission. Indeed, we contact lives with a wide network beneath and above the city through our products and services. In this sense, it is of great value to have means which connect humans with space and ensure communication among urban elements. The core of our philosophy is to contribute to the creation of an urban space based on the confidence, belonging and ownership senses of social capital.

The design and R&D operations will be encouraged by the purpose of offering products and services which may enhance the development of common life culture. It is our responsibility to meet the diverse and increasing needs of Istanbul with a sustainable life perspective for the next generations.

Therefore, we will act in accordance with the corporate policies to protect natural and human capitals so that we may be a part of the “respect to humans” principle of Ekrem Imamoglu, the mayor of Istanbul, and the fundamental management principles of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Together with all the employees who put in their effort with their labour, knowledge and goodwill, we wish to feel the honour of achievement and establish an environment where everything is great.

Best Regards,
Ziya Gökmen TOGAY
Director General