As a pioneering and unrivalled figure for street furniture in Turkey, ISTON organised Street furniture Symposium in 2001, followed by the II International Street Furniture Symposium on April 24-27, 2003.

Both native and foreign academicians and manufacturing companies were present at the 3-day International Street Furniture Symposium and Exhibition II.

The first symposium was held in May 2001 in Istanbul, and “International Street Furniture Symposium II” introduced, for the first time in our country, urban and street furniture concepts on an international scale. Scope of the International Street Furniture Symposium II was even more expansive during which new approaches were revealed for all kinds of street furniture practices in shared spheres of historical cities and innovating cities by preserving their physical appearance and spiritual tissues.


Sponsored by ISTON A.Ş. with collaboration from Mimar Sinan University and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the International Statue Symposium produces new marble statues for beach parks of the city.

Pursuant o Bosporus Coastal Regulations Protocol executed by and between Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, the coastal line from Karaköy to Sarıyer will be embellished with statues under ISTON sponsorship.

Held for the 7th time in 2009, the symposium produced over 70 works. Native and foreign sculptors attended the symposium where works were produced in independent themes.


In addition to manufacturing aesthetical and highly resistant infrastructure and superstructure works for contemporaneous cities, ISTON supports cultural and training activities as a responsible corporate citizen, and has thus launched a training programme that ultimately contributes to urban construction site works. Organised in collaboration with Istanbul Chamber of Industry’s Construction Vocational High School, the training project intends to raise technically qualified personnel to work with cobble stone and kerb applications.

Training programme has been in use since 2005, and 60 hours of theoretical and practical information is being provided for 2 weeks. 852 trainees attended the cobble stone application training until today. Training programme is still on.