Social Responsibility


ISTON provided design and application support to the ‘Children of Istanbul Design Their Park’ Project organized with an inclusive approach by the Department of Parks, Gardens and Green Areas of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Created in consequence of the workshops with 100 children, the designs were offered to the use of children in Akbaba Park, Beykoz. The inauguration of the park was scheduled to April 23, 2020, 100th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey.


ISTON fights against climate change with short- and middle-term targets and in accordance with the determined risks and opportunities. The goal of the Company is to conform to low carbon strategy throughout product life cycle by improving operational processes and developing new products. In order to improve energy management systems, the Company initiated the procedures for ISO 50001 Energy Management System certification in 2020 and aims to get certificates for two plants (Tuzla and Hadimkoy plants) in 2021. In addition, the Company has also initiated emission minimization procedures since the nature of the business leads to dense emission. The Company periodically has the procedures measured by accredited laboratories. The plants have Environment Permit in place awarded by the Ministry of Environment.

Exemplary Environmental Works

– Indoor storage of aggregate
– Use of new mixers and pumps
– Assessment and minimization of environmental complaints
– Cleaning of lorry wheels
– Plant roofing
– Afforestation of the plant areas
– Analysis on the Discharged Water of Hadimkoy View
– Analysis on the Discharged Water of Tuzla Plant View


– The performance data refers to the following subjects.
– Clinker contents
– Use of secondary materials
– Use of fresh water
– Incidents/injuries/accidents
– Health and well-being of the employees
– Assurance Opinion Report View 
– KPI Report of 2019 Dowland


Held in collaboration with Mimar Sinan University and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and sponsored by ISTON A.S., artists create new marble statues for coastal parks in the International Istanbul Stone Statue Symposium.

Initiated according to the Bosporus Coastal Arrangements protocol executed between Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, the coastal statues project spanning from Karakoy to Sariyer is sponsored by ISTON.

Held for the 7th time in 2009, the symposium produced more than 70 works. Many sculptors took part in the event from Turkey and abroad, and the works were created independent of a particular theme.


Supporting cultural and educational activities with the awareness of social responsibility as well as the production of aesthetic and durable infrastructure and superstructure products for contemporary cities, ISTON has initiated an education program to make great contributions to urban site works.

Organized in collaboration with Building Vocational High School of Istanbul Chamber of Industry, the education project aims to train students as qualified on paving stone and curb applications.

The program is provided since 2005 and consists of 60 hours of theoretical ad applied lectures given in the course of 2 weeks. Up to day, 852 people, in total, attended to the paving stone application training. The trainings are currently available.


As the leading and unrivalled Urban Furniture producer of Turkey, ISTON organized the 1st Urban Furniture Symposium in 2001 while the 2nd International Urban Furniture Symposium and Exhibition was held between April 24 and 27, 2003.

Many national and international scholars and producer companies attended to the 2nd International Urban Furniture Symposium and Exhibition held in three days. Having organized the 1st symposium in May 2001, ISTON referred to urban, urban dweller and urban furniture concepts at an international scale for the first time in Turkey during the 2nd International Urban Furniture Symposium. In the 2nd International Urban Furniture Symposium which was held at a wider scale, the events dwelt on any and all kinds of urban furniture applications in the common use areas of historical cities and renovation activities by ensuring physical and non-physical protection of urban characteristics.

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